It’s raining. You are stressed, feeling low. Your boss comes by, This work is brilliant! You saved the day. The sun comes out. You smile. The next task goes like clockwork.

Being positive works. Playing to people’s strengths works. Recent writings against this, don’t understand it. They say it makes people arrogant or complacent.
Most people have an inner critic, voices of their father, teacher or older sibling. These are ideas about themselves they have taken on board before they could choose. They roll them out in their heads on ticker tape every day. You don’t know what you are doing… who do you think you are? British culture encourages it. We hate a boaster. Then we get that terrible feeling of dread or panic. This is fear.
These are barriers to change. They keep us down. They keep us where we are; stuck.
I have never changed out of fear. To develop, I must live in the moment. I need energy and openness, a positive frame of mind. Being positive frees someone up. It takes the boulders out of the stream, let’s the water flow again.
Being positive helps us feel we can do it. Optimism gives us a rush. It pushes us into the present.
Then we can tackle the hard things. We can change or accept or move on. Being positive gets us in the state that lets us see our negatives and do something about them.